Make A Donation

For assistance with any donation or for further information, please contact our office at (800) 448-4570, ext. 13 or email tkirby@bdsra.org

Honorarium/Memorial Gifts
A donation in honor of or in memory of someone special in your life is a meaningful way to pay tribute while supporting the mission of BDSRA to eradicate this disease for the many families around the world that are affected by Batten disease.

Recurring Monthly Gifts
Recurring gifts are a wonderful way to support our vital work and are an easy way for you to give on a regular basis via credit card donation either by phone or online.

Corporate Matching Gifts
You can help double your donation by asking your employer about a corporate matching gift.  Many corporations have matching gift programs and will match your donation to an accredited charitable organization.  It’s an easy way to double or even triple the impact of your personal contribution to BDSRA.  Check with your human resources department to find out whether your company has a matching gift policy. If it does, your employer will usually provide a form for you to fill out and send to us with your donation. We will verify your gift and return the form to your company, which will then issue a matching gift contribution directly to BDSRA.

CFC/United Way

Batten Disease Support and Research Association participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)”the worlds largest and most successful workplace charity campaign for government workers. Through the CFC, pledges may be made through your payroll deductions during the annual campaign season (September 1 to December 15) will help support our programs and fund research.   If you are a federal government or military employee and would like to give to BDSRA through the CFC, please enter CFC code #11781 on your pledge card during the next campaign.

Stock Gifts
Making stock gifts can be a tax advantaged way to support the fight against Batten disease. To make a stock gift, please contact our office for more information on completing this transaction.

Planned Giving
Planned giving can benefit you, those you love, and the fight against Batten disease. Planned gifts make it possible to provide your charitable donations to us at a level that you may have never thought possible all while maximizing tax benefits for you and your family.

A well drafted will can minimize estate settlement costs and taxes, ensure that your family’s needs have been met, and provide a way for you to help BDSRA keep up with our critical work with Batten disease.  Even a small percentage of your estate that considers BDSRA can ensure we will be here for future families who need our support

Retirement Plans
Some assets are not transferred through a will. These include assets in qualified retirement plans (qualified plans include an IRA, Keogh, 401(K), 403(B), or defined benefit plan) that remain after your lifetime. Designating BDSRA as the beneficiary of your qualified retirement plan may be to your advantage financially since frequently a retirement plan is a pre-tax asset and when transferred to a beneficiary, is subject to estate taxes as well as income tax. All that is typically required is to name us on the beneficiary line when you sign up for your retirement plan, or to modify your current election by notifying your plan administrator.

Life Income Plans
Life income plans are a flexible way to make a gift over a period of years while providing income for you or your beneficiary. A gift designated to BDSRA as a recipient can help you qualify for an immediate charitable tax deduction, reduce your estate tax, avoid or reduce capital gains tax, all while making a substantial difference in our efforts to fight against Batten disease.

Your financial planner can assist you in finding just the right planned giving instrument for you and your family.  For more information on planned giving, or to contact BDSRA with your intentions, please contact our office at (800) 448-4570, ext. 13 or email tkirby@bdsra.org.